Laptop Repair Lexington KY - Computer Repair Lexington KY - Computer Repair Nicholasville KY

If you are looking for a Computer repair center in Lexington or Nicholasville KY, you have come to the right place! , We have fixed hundreds of laptops and computers for the Lexington and Nicholasville KY residents.

We can fix any computer problem! Our expert team of techs will find the right solution for you.

Virus/Malware/Spyware Removal

Dont matter how bad your laptop is infected with a virus, We can guarantee we can fix your computer and not loose any of your files. We understand how important your settings/programs/files are for you. Virus removal repair takes 2-4 hours.

Laptop tune up/software repair

Are you having any software issues? If you are having problems opening your programs, connecting online, opening your files, going into Windows, running slow.
You dont have to worry no more. We can fix any software issues your laptop might have. Dont worry, we will never delete your files.

Laptop Screen Fix

We can fix any problems related with your laptop screen. If its cracked, broken, dark, white, black, dim dont worry we can still fix your laptop. Our laptop screen repairs are very affordable.  We can repair any laptop model and brand. We carry most of the screens in stock.

DC Jack / Power Plug Repair

The little connector where your plug in your laptop charger is called the "DC jack port". The normal use (connect/disconnect) of the charger wears down the little dc jack inside the laptop. After some time, the dc jack loose or breaks inside, preventing the power to go in the laptop. The result is no power on the laptop.
Our Experience techs are trained to do this dc jack repair on any laptop brand or model.

Data Recovery/Data Backup

We understand the importantance of your Data and files. Our data recovery process recovers your deleted files, hidden files, corrupted files,etc. No recovery no Charge!